January 22, 2019

“Turns out, we’d rather die than change.”

Why is mindset so critical?

There have been people that make money without mindset coaches.

There are ass&oles who are negative more than they are awake and they seem to do ok.

Some sexless people seem to climb to the top of their success ladder.

Why should you worry about your mindset…let alone Mindsex?

Watch them over time.

See their internal struggles.

See the areas where they crash and burn eventually.

Look for their overall life happiness and growth potential.

It is easier to make money once you are making money. That is if you don’t sabotage yourself. But even when they do, watch where they are not happy in their lives. The continual burn outs, the highs and lows, the sadness or the obvious sabotage.

Britney Spears, Tiger Woods, Tristen Thompson are obvious easy examples. They rose to success and sabotaged at their peak.

Howard Stern rose to fame on his negative, in your face shock jock personality and antics.

But what isn’t as widely reported, his deep, deep unhappiness and depression.

He has been in therapy and working with a coach for years now. This has greatly changed how he shows up, his personal life and what he gives attention to. Stayed a shock jock but listen to him now compared to his early years to see the notable difference.

The fact is, your programming will catch up to you one way or another. You will self sabotage if your childhood, generational programming and life wasn’t designed to support your highest and absolute potential. Most of us weren’t. Not because we had bad parents. Many wanted the absolute best for us. But that ‘best’ was based on their own programming, limitations and beliefs.

In Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal they talk about he lengths navy seals, scientist and Silicon Valley is going to tap into a different and better versions of ourself. In a Harvard study on patients with lifestyle related illnesses, they found that 87% wouldn’t sustain the necessary changes they needed to change their lives to be healthy. “Turns out, we’d rather die than change.”

What this and many other books on psychology, sociology, behavioural studies, neuro science, success, sales, business etc etc reveal to us is that your brain patterns are locked into your subconscious and unless you make a CONSISTENT and concentrated effort to change them…you just won’t.

What’s more before even beginning to change these patterns, you have to become aware of what they are.

Most people walk around unconscious to what is holding them back. The sly and subtle tricks of the subconscious mind ensuring that you stay locked into your comfort zone so there is no ‘threat’ to changing.

Let’s not even bring in Ego to the conversation. As it will deny there is even a problem if it means you have to change and it becomes less powerful. In fact many who don’t hire the coach they know they need is because their are still strongly rooted in their ego.

And let’s add on the fact that money and sex are the two most desired and shamed things in the world. So forget what your family may have raised you believing about the two areas, society has had a lot to say in the way to make money. The amount of money and sex you are ‘decently’ allowed to have.

These little messages are controlling your thoughts, reactions and beliefs around sex, money and power and you may not even be aware of it. « The subconscious mind consists of a field of consciousness in which every impulse of through that reaches the objective mind through any of the five senses is classified and recorded. ». Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Even more slick…the two are so intertwined that being triggered by your lover last night could actually derail your complete quarter sales target.

Or your sudden increase in sales might actually make your dick stop working.

How about the white knuckle control you have over your business, message and branding? Any bump in that control and your are guaranteed to keep your orgasms well suppressed. After all, you can’t control your pleasure…so who has time for it anyway.

Want to take the stage, up your online presence, have great sex and double your monthly income but find yourself sizzling out faster than the texts from the hot catfish from your online dating account?

Maybe you are picking fights with your partner and afterwards you really have no idea why you were so mad but you can’t admit that to him/her.

Or you are flying high in your finances, find a wonderful partner and then the money stops.

There are so many combinations of how money and sex are intertwined that I would need to write a book to cover them all…oh wait…I am!

All this to say…mindset is CRITICAL to achieving something you have never had before. Even more so when it has to do with money or sex.

So stop thinking this year will be different! Take action, hire a coach, or at least do the yucky, habitual things they tell you do to in their endless free content. At least then your ego won’t get too upset. Join Mindsex Mastery my free FB group where I give free Mindsex content.

Oh – and if you are done hiding, going limp or sabotaging your life and business…message. Let’s talk.

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