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Do you have a hard time getting or staying hard?

Do you have a hard time getting or staying hard? Don’t worry you don’t have to admit it publicly if you don’t want to. However this is more common than you may think. If this is true for you, you can fix this without needing the little blue pill. (Outside of a legitimate medical issue). […]

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Not Tonight Honey…I have a headache!

“Not tonight honey…I have a headache.” How many times have you used this…or something just like it. What you might not realize this is killing your creativity, affecting your business and shutting down your sexual energy. If women don’t regularly fuel, tap into or use their sexual energy, it can go dormant. And when women […]

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Find and Cherish Your Vulnerability

Find and cherish your vulnerability. Don’t live in the shadow of those who preyed on it. One of the core things I work through with my clients is opening up the areas of pain around two of the most shamed areas of their life, money and sex. They have a tight control over those areas. […]

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Where do you give up?

Are you working on something in your business or in your personal life? Are you trying to get through to someone? Maybe you’re dating or maybe you’re putting yourself out there in a new way, trying to get things going. You find yourself in the same position over and over and over. Where are you […]

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When A Goliath Emerges… Is His Fall Inevitable?

Sex is the most powerful human energy. It has been the motivation for wars, religious uprisings, deep secrets and powerful people being brought to their knees. Tiger Woods was at the pinnacle of his game, winning tournament after tournament, defying the odds of winning many titles and record breaking earnings. He was destined to be […]

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