September 29, 2018

Helping people get to make up sex much faster!

Getting men off roofs and women great make up sex for years!

In my 20s I was a manager at a satellite tv call centre.

One day an employee escalated a call after an hour trying to help a couple through a self install of their satellite dish.

The husband was on the roof.

Wife on the phone in the kitchen on a walkie talkie.

He was threatening to launch the dish into her parked car if she didn’t return the thing immediately.

She was pleading for us to refund her money.

The employee had truly done all he could to help. They were seeing red. He couldn’t authorize the refund.

I immediately told them that if they could give me 20 minutes, I promised to return their money if we couldn’t get it working.

They were immediately diffused.

They had been primed for a fight.

He said ‘we’ll get ready with the refund because there isn’t anything you can do to convince me to keep it. And now I might need a marriage counsellor even though I was happily married until your damn dish came into my house.’

She said ‘I’m so sorry. We never fight. The guy said it was easy to install. My poor husband has been trying all morning. He really wanted to make me happy’

He was her white knight fixing problems. She was the gracious queen loving her man.

The satellite dish turned them against each other.

I told them I had installed my own. But that the instructions weren’t as user friendly as the tips I had from our in house tech guys.

I shared them with them. Added in a few jokes at the company’s expense.

Complimented their system of communicating while on the roof.

Got their dish working.

They were shocked.

I made sure he was the hero again.

She was the brilliant woman assisting on her end.

I complemented the company’s employees to restore faith in the team. They really were fab!

I gave them my personal email so they could reach me if there were problems.

The next day I got an email telling me that not only had they enjoyed all the channels, but that they had had the best make up sex of their marriage.

They gushed.

My job was to be objective. To see past their frustrations.

To follow my intuition that I could keep them as a client.

And to get them working as a team. Cut through the layers of shame (he was ashamed he couldn’t install it), guilt (she was feeling guilty for asking) and rage they were feeling and get them seeing the solutions.

I am often asked how long I’ve been a Mindsex Mentor.

I have always been to some degree. It’s why it’s my purpose and passion.

Everything has been leading me to this space. Where I can help clients truly make more money with less stress. Where great sex is the norm. Where shame, guilt and sabotage is shed to allow for the life of their dreams!!

Ps – pic circa 2001 after having my twins. Probably 8 months after the above story. And after I chopped my hair for ease with 3 babies in diapers.

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