September 13, 2018

If you aren’t creating ‘more life’ you are dying.

I lived without an oven for 5 years.

I baked on the bbq and used a small toaster oven. With 4 small kids.

Sounds like a triumph right?!

It was actually a way I stayed small.

My ‘make due’ attitude meant that I lived life with less.

My resourcefulness meant I figured out ways to adapt.

But instead of adapting up to the lifestyle I wanted, I adapted my lifestyle down to what I had.

This kind of mindset can cut off any flow to your bigger, better life.

You stop dreaming of what you want, you shrink in your life just a little more. And you don’t actually achieve more than you’ve always had.

By challenging these patterns I was able to take my resourcefulness and ‘make due’ attitude and use them to usher in more of the life I wanted.

It was subtle.

But what made me a superwoman for making the best bbq muffins in the middle of winter was the very kryptonite holding me at that standard of living.

Now while these adaptations down can be made short term, they have to be challenged if you intend to actually create more life and grow.

Use them as fuel to achieve more faster.

Nothing in nature stops growing or creating more life until it’s ready to die and regenerate.

What subtle shifts can you call out in your mindset to bring you closer to the life you truly want?

These ladies know what shifting your mindset can achieve!

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