October 17, 2018

Law of Sexual Transmutation!

Law of sexual Transmutation!

I recently did a short video on some key things I share in my Mindsex Mastermind for a colleagues membership group.

During the video I briefly explained the chapter from Think and Grow Rich on the Law of Sexual Transmutation.

One of the people watching the video admitted that she finally understood that that chapter meant.

If one of the most talked about business and success books dedicates one of its 12 chapters to something, you would expect it to be powerful.

What most people don’t realize is how linked your success is to your acceptance and mastering of your sexual energy.

And it isn’t about how much sex you have.

When your creativity and charisma stems from your most powerful energy (sexual energy) but you have been taught that you should be ashamed, repress it or it completely owns you and takes up all your free thoughts, you are not able to leverage this amazing energy.

What’s more, when you read the book, you likely feel like you have to suppress it even further.

But that isn’t necessarily the case!

I was coaching this powerful law before I had even read Napoleon Hill’s book but I love how after interviewing 500 business men in the 1920s, it was so powerful it became one of the chapters in his book. A time when sex was at best a hushed whisper in bedrooms or pubs joke fodder.

As I put the finishing touches on my book, launch my membership site and work with my amazing clients, I am so grateful that this is my purpose and passion!

If you feel a little dazed and confused by the chapter, know that you aren’t alone. Reach out or comment below. I am happy to help!

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