Little white lies…

Little white lies… Do you tell a lot of little white lies? I mean who really cares anyway. It is just a few little misinformations here and there…it isn’t really hurting anyone. If you consider that every lie you tell goes into a storage bank and when it is full enough, karma will come serve […]

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Foreplay. Just when you think you’ve done enough…do more. In bedroom and business. Quickies are great. But it’s rarely going to get you everything you need. Or leave your partner/client fully satisfied. So before offering your services, find out what your partner/clients wants. Be the person they crave for fulfillment. Give them what they have […]

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Are you doing the work?

Are you doing the work? My clients are highly motivated. They invest in themselves, show up, open up and do the work. In fact they often seek out my free content, read the books I refer to and call themselves out when I can’t see their actions. And it’s not always comfortable! But they are […]

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