January 11, 2019

Think you can ignore sex in business?

Get your d*ck wet, lose half your fortune.

A man who started a company in his garage. And has grown into the largest publicly traded company in the US. Being laughed at for lewd texts and explicit photos.

There are many things at play here. The high profile, high stakes divorce, the seemingly amicable agreement, 25 year marriage, the ‘affair’ with a high profile married woman, half of the billions in fortune.

But underneath it all there is a classic play of power, self sabotage, break down in communication and the inability to grow to handle all areas at the same time…




So many business owners believe they have to sacrifice in one of these areas in order to be truly successful over the long run.

And there are times where you do for short periods of time. But like any growth, you have to tend to the soil under that growth or you will end up with weeds in your garden.

The law of sexual transmutation is EXPLICIT in Bezos level of success. However what he did not do was to manage it throughout his growth. It lead to an end to his marriage, an affair that compromised his integrity, and his reputation.

And if you think you are immune to this you are as deluded as he was when he thought this would be kept under wraps.

What’s more there is a debate about the the division of the fortune without the prenup.

A split view on whether or not she ‘deserves’ half. When you consider when they were married and the history of the company, her role was evident. And for those of you who don’t want to see that, study the chapter on the Law of Sexual Transmutation in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

In fact on the first page of the chapter there are “three constructive potentialities” behind the ‘emotion of sex’.

The third and most interesting potential in this debate is “The transformation of mediocrity into genius through transmutation.”

A full chapter in the 1920s was dedicated to this. At the risk of being put behind the velvet curtain of the porn section for the risqué suggestion. But of the 500 men he interviewed this came up strong enough to be one of the 12 chapters in this best selling book. I won’t debate the fairness of the settlement. But would be remiss not to point of that glaringly their marriage and her support played a huge role in Amazon being where it is.

In her own quote taken from an article in the Washington Post MacKenzie Bezos states:

“I was there when he wrote the business plan, and I worked with him and many others represented in the converted garage, the basement warehouse closet, the barbecue-scented offices, the Christmas-rush distribution centers, and the door-desk filled conference rooms in the early years of Amazon’s history,” MacKenzie Bezos

Want more proof of the law of sexual transmutation and power and business?

Read some of the rumours around Elon Musk over the past few months and his sabotaging behaviour on the Tesla designs since he is single.

In fact, in his November 15, 2017 Rolling Stones article, Musk goes into personal detail about the breakup with his ex girlfriend Amber Heard that almost made the Model 3 launch impossible for him. He said “It’s not like I don’t know what that feels like: Being in a big empty house, and the footsteps echoing through the hallway, no one there — and no one on the pillow next to you. Fuck. How do you make yourself happy in a situation like that?”

Watch the interviews with JayZ post affair with ‘Becky and the blond’ hair and what that cost him. And what it took to face what he had chosen to do.

Tiger Woods.

I could go on and on and on.

Ladies- you aren’t immune either. There are other ways that women sabotage although affairs, withdraw of love and perversions are part of the list.

This energy is our most POWERFUL physical energy. And if you are ignoring it, suppressing it, denying it or lacking control over it…it CONTROLS you and your business.

This is no way means you need to be or stay in a marriage to be successful.

However this energy needs to be understood and channeled. What’s more, those who have had the most significant success over a sustained period of time, had a partner(s) in the bedroom that inspired ideas, stamina and charisma in the business.

Deny it? I am ready for your rebuke, but I am also ready when you find yourself triggered by shame and guilt or worse sabotaging and your world is crashing down around you because you denied.

You can take steps now to understand, own and transmute this energy.

Get in touch if you understand the need to own your sexual energy, eliminate your shame and guilt to ensure your self sabotage pattens are well in hand.

Before it costs you half your billions, your relationship and you become the laughing stock for your personal text messages.

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