What’s it like to work with a Mindsex Mentor?

Here’s what some of Delora’s clients have said about working with her :

“If you’re looking for a mentor who will help you transform your business and your relationships, you need to hire Delora Guignion ASAP – before she’s fully booked out for the year!

Since working with her I’ve gotten back into alignment with my purpose and attracted kickass clients, learned how to love ALL aspects of myself, went on my dream vacation ( something I’ve wanted to do for years and never took the time to do), and attracted a super hot soulmate relationship after being single for over 2 years.

Her Mindsex magic will definitely ignite your life from the bedroom to your business. 🔥🖤🔥”

Kelly Dawn


“I’ve always been one of those who looks to consult with numerous people when seeking to establish a course of action, but I’m been somewhat loath to seek out a “counselor” for business. Probably pride and ego. Circumstances were such recently that delora’s name was brought to my attention. The person sharing this with me is one whom I respect immensely and thought it interesting that she’d suggest delora to me knowing me well enough to understand I’d probably pass on any action.

The timing and circumstances were such that I perceived it as being more than a coincidence and felt compelled to act on the advice. I reached out to delora and we discussed my objectives and concerns. Additionally, I asked for references. They were solid. It all felt right and we began working together for several months. The changes she was able to bring about through her gentle but forthright and intense pursuit of causes and effects has resulted in very tangible results, both economically and emotionally. The ROI was sevenfold. I would highly recommend delora to anyone serious about driving off the last “withholds” impeding your progress.”

-Rodney L. Tucker


“Delora is an incredible mindset mentor. My issue was my life-long lack of self worth; I could act it on the outside but it’s inside where it counts. She helped me to step fully into my worth and, with her help, I transformed from playing small in my business, to fully realising that what I offer is incredibly valuable.

I stopped “playing at business” and I revamped my website, branding and services. I started charging properly for what I do. I began putting myself out there as a confident businesswoman, instead of the fearful amateur I had felt I was before we worked together.

I hired Delora to help me with this because I needed it to accelerate my business, but it’s not only in business where this has helped me. Because of our deep work together, I now feel powerful, worthy and valuable in all areas of my life.

Delora is terrific at what she does and brings enormous value and insight to every conversation. Highly recommended.”

-Lisa Cherry Beaumont


“Just got off a call with Delora Guignion and holy shiznit.
I booked from a Free Shit Friday [Special Group Offer] and it was the best thing I could do. She knows copy, positioning and and limiting thoughts. I feel very enlightened talking to her, and definitely more guided.

Encouraging isn’t enough of a strong word for her, and the connections she makes are just…stellar. Often I found her saying things that made perfect sense in my mind, I just needed to fucking do it.

And she knows how to plan. Man, oh man does she. I feel validated, renewed and definitely able to press forward with my goals. I’d love to elaborate, but it’s so entwined with my personal side, I just can’t, sorry guys! Her comforting side makes you feel so open, you just don’t mind blabbing to her about every and anything.

I could’ve planned this post better, perfected it and then posted. But that’s the opposite of what we talked about.

This post is about action, which is what I’ll be focusing on from now on out.”

-Darren Carrington


“I can’t say enough amazing things about Delora. I started working with her a couple months ago and because of her I have been able to get past some serious issues that were blocking me from living my fullest potential. I went from having zero clients and a “lack” mindset to 6 clients within one month and the ability to start to really see how abundant my life really is. The tools she has in her tool belt coupled with her beautiful presence and delivery has gently yet firmly guided me to where I need to be. My true inner voice got lost many years ago and she helped me find it again. To me that is priceless. If you’re feeling stuck in your business I highly recommend you get on a call with Delora. She’s life changing.”

-Krisha Young


“One of my favourite topics in the world is sex. I love talking about it, I love doing it, it’s my all round fav activity… but recently things went off the boil.

About the same time I stopped enjoying my business. What was going on?! Were they connected? Was I doomed to go off the boil forever?!

Luckily I know someone…

There’s this woman…she talks about sex ALL the time. She drops masturbation into the conversation frequently, she knows what edging is (total mystery to me until recently) and she has massive boobs that put my DD’s to shame.

She has this energy…like a kind of pull towards her…like you just KNOW she’s going to rock your world.

I had a session with her.

No, she didn’t massage my yoni and tie me up but I’m pretty sure I would trust her to do so should that be what she recommended.

What she did was far cleverer.

She connected the dots of my life and revealed how one affected another.

We figured out pretty quick how something I had been agonising over for weeks/months was a simple fix.

It was a big deal to me, a relationship thing that had been lingering on and affected other areas of life too…but I went ahead after our conversation and blew the lid off it and things have never been better – from ONE conversation.

Not only that but Sex is totally related to money and the relationship between the two suddenly opened up a world of new understanding for me about patterns that had been playing out.

I’m going to tell you her name now and I would strongly recommend that you pay every penny to work with her.

Why? What were the results? Well…apart from the above I also…

Landed a new contract today…right out of the blue.

had amazing multiple orgasms that blew my socks off (not really, I wasn’t wearing socks).

I’ve sorted a long standing issue in my relationship over night.

If you want more money, better sex and the coolest conversation about how the two interact you need this woman.

Delora Guignion” — Anonymous to protect client identity