October 22, 2018

When did you feel your most fabulous?!

When did you feel your most fabulous?

It doesn’t matter what age it was.

It doesn’t matter what was going on in your life.

Just answer that question and it’s better if you write this out.

Now ask yourself, what has changed?

What is stopping you from feeling fabulous like that again now?

The answer to these questions are they key to getting yourself back to feeling fabulous!

What would you need to change to feel that wonderful again?

What are three things you could do right now to make that happen?

Sure yoga pants are fantastic. Being able to wear the same clothes for three days without a shower is a guilty pleasure of many online business owners.

But often when I work with my clients, they don’t feel fantastic like this. They do it out of convenience but they don’t feel like they could take on any client, have fulfilling sex or event hat they need any more money.

They have shrunk down their lives and let themselves slip into the excuse of ‘busy’, ‘comfort’, ‘ease’…

It is covering a part of their self worth they don’t want to explore.

They will tout a rebellious reason but under it they have given up.

Your internal energy is what others feel externally. Whether you cover it with a smile or an incredible special on your prices.

Do the exercise above…let me know what three things you’ll do now to feel your most fabulous again!

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