February 9, 2019

You know what they say about opinions…

“Opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth. Everyone has a flock of opinions ready to be wished upon anyone who will accept them. If you are influenced by “opinions” when you reach DECISIONS, you will not succeed in any undertaking.” Napoleon Hill

When you have a doubt? You’ll quickly seek ‘validation’ for your ideas from others.

You’ll ask what they think. And often not from a trusted mentor who believes in your vision and understands your limitations.

But you’ll seek them from people who are ‘nice’. Maybe they are successful but they didn’t do it with your personality, ideas or values.

They may even be well intentioned. Their feedback may even sound ‘good’.

The challenge is they don’t know your mindset. They haven’t understood your higher guidance or ideas.

And most of the time they’ll feed your fears and doubt.

In fact, our subconscious willing asks you to consider other people’s ‘opinions’ because it doesn’t want you to succeed. Not because it’s a jerk. But it’s doing its job to ‘protect’ you from change.

I once stopped talking about sexual energy and it’s importance because my sales coach thought it would sell better.

It’s the core of my work and so intimately connected to money that not talking about it is actually doing a disservice.

But there was doubt I had to uncover.

I had a client once that had completely changed her business because of a high level coaching program she had invested in.

And although parts of it was relevant it was for cookie cutter coaches and didn’t take into account her unique gifts which was very different.

Another client had ‘crazy’ ideas but when he asked a friend he was talked out of pursuing them. As a result he didn’t speak up with his investor friends who would have willingly supported the ideas.

When we worked together and he finally did he made 70k in two meetings and started a business that had the potential to make 20M within the first few years.

Because the ideas were ‘crazy’ and out of the ordinary. But his experience was tailored to fill a huge need that no one was considering. It’s why he had the idea.

Henry Ford was told for two years that a V8 in one block couldn’t be done. He didn’t accept that answer.

If you are constantly seeking validation and downsizing or dropping your ideas but it’s from FB or people who don’t help you seek your own inner answers…you’ll never achieve all you are here to.

Ask Oprah how often people tried to talk her out of her ideas.

If you are ready to actually expand your business at an epic rate and live how you want…PM me.

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