February 8, 2019

You wasted so much money…so much time…

And you still don’t have the partner of your dreams…

Or you still haven’t fully taken off in your business.

When you reflect on all the times you hired someone to help you in your business and bought into the big promises but even though you invested…nothing really changed.

Or you tried all the new dating sites and lost some weight, went out more. You selflessly gave your all to the person you thought was such a great match….

And you are still alone.

You can point fingers. You can blame all the people that took your money…

You can think that all men are pigs and all women are high maintenance bit*hes…

Or you can look at the common denominator.

You. You mindset. Your patterns. Your limiting beliefs.

I had to do this myself when it came to business. I have spent a lot of money hiring “experts” to help me in areas I thought I needed in order to truly grow in my business.

I still recommend hiring people and asking for help! But what I had to realize is I was hiring people that spoke to my own perceived weaknesses. They weren’t actually going to change the patterns I needed to take ownership for.

In fact many of them didn’t actually understand my work and wanted to change that rather than build on what I do.

I was also not asking the tough questions about their process or their work. I just believed they would deliver based on their perceived importance or presence.

And if I did start to ask questions and they lashed back the part of me that doesn’t like people to feel back soothed them and I put up and shut up.

This meant I was never going to hold them accountable for their work and would never have gotten what they promised anyhow.

Sure they have responsibility to fulfill their obligations and commitments. But after a few times I could no longer ignore that I was the one that welcomed them into my life.

As soon as I did this I was able to see their puppet strings. I could see their own dysfunction and their limiting beliefs and all the red flags I ignored.

I was also able to see the areas in me that HAD TO CHANGE in order for me to truly run this business in a significant way.

When you go on the defensive, you miss the lessons that are there for you to grow and expand.

From that growth and expansion you can hold them accountable and find people that truly can help you expand your business in a significant way.

If you are finding yourself in this vicious cycle, don’t let cynicism take over. Stay open and do what is needed to find the patterns that need to be addressed.

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL TRULY EVOLVE. Whether you want growth in your business or in your bedroom.

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