January 22, 2019

Don’t mix business and pleasure…or wait.

Pleasured yet?

Do your goals include making more money to enjoy things that bring you pleasure? Vacations, more free time, new car, new clothes, money to upgrade the kitchen??

Whatever your goals are…if you aren’t reaching them there are a few critical things you need to explore for yourself.

Are you able to receive and enjoy pleasure in your life now? I mean really enjoy intimacy, sex, pleasurable activities, massages, leisure activities you truly enjoy etc

If you have tied making more money and reaching your financial goal with pleasurable things and you won’t achieve your goal.

Or you will reach it and then shortly after you will trigger self sabotage and start to hit rock bottom financially.

Because you cannot RECEIVE pleasure.

You can spend the money. You can make the promises.

You can imagine the goals. It can be on your vision board.

Those are giving pleasure. They are not about the receiving side of the equation.

But if you are truly honest with yourself, you cannot experience it. You cannot truly accept welcoming it into your life.

What were you taught about pleasure when you were a kid?

Whether we are talking about self pleasure or even pleasurable activities.

Likely very little was discussed or you were made to feel bad for indulging too much in pleasure and told to take life more seriously.

This is a critical piece you have to explore for yourself to understand why you haven’t made your goals a reality yet.

If you have associated your money goals with things that will bring you pleasure and you haven’t allowed yourself to receive and truly enjoy pleasure…you will not reach your goals.

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